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Qatar Credit Bureau was established under the supervision of Qatar Central Bank. It aims to achieve a set of objectives, the primary one is to contribute in strengthening the banking and financial sectors in the State of Qatar. The vision of the Bureau is to create a secured credit system in Qatar that is operating in accordance with international levels and standards of stability and capability. Based on advanced international knowledge and technology, the Bureau prepares and issues accurate and comprehensive credit reports that assist the financial institutions and credit facilitators in Qatar to take the right credit decisions, in order to reduce credit risk degrees and enhance transparency in the banking and financial sectors in the State. Qatar Credit Bureau started widening its horizon by adding more members from different economic activities such as telecom, automobile financing companies.


One of Qatar Credit Bureau essential missions is to spread and raise the awareness of the credit culture in the Qatari society by providing the required assistance to individuals and commercial (customers and companies). Knowing that their financial arrears and debts volume will affect their credit worthiness, borrowers will strive to keep their credit record in a good status.    



At present, credit reports are no longer limited to the assessment of the credit behavior of persons, but they extend to become one of the essential tools of the assessment of the humanitarian behavior as whole. Information such as personal status and criminal history becomes part of the credit reports, and in the coming years, the credit reports may include information that reflects the individual’s attitudes in areas other than the banking sectors such as the social networking sites. The credit reports have no longer been just tools of credit scoring to assist the financial and economic institutions to take the right credit- grant decision, but they have gone beyond that and become now one of the most important tools for assessment and decision-making in humanitarian relationship as general.       


Finally, we would like to confirm that Qatar Credit Bureau as credit reports issuer entity would not interfere in any way with the creditors' (banks and financial institutions) decision whether to approve or decline a credit request.

Qatar Credit Bureau welcomes you to obtain a copy of your credit report from the Customer Service Center. Always review the correctness and integrity of the information contained in your report.


Maryam bint Khalifa Al-Thani