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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To establish a credit information system with the highest quality.

Our Mission

To contribute in building up an efficient and stable economic system by providing comprehensive and accurate credit information, based on world class technology and global knowledge.

Our Core Values

Integrity and transparency

To circulate and exchange information and data in neutral, objective and professional method to achieve the objectives of the Credit Bureau and all related parties.


To always be ahead in terms of type and quality of the provided services in line with banking and financial standards and international approved practices.


To track the latest development in banking sector and financial knowledge, pursue continuous training and maintaining our capabilities in applying scientific, innovative standards and legislation and to the local banking environment.

The objectives of Qatar Credit Bureau

  • Create a centralized credit database to provide the necessary credit information that helps in making right credit decisions and setting sound economic and financial policies.
  • Collect and analyze credit information from its various sources.
  • Exchange credit information with credit facility providers to assist them in making sound credit decisions.
  • Contribute to more effective banking supervision and set up credit policies that assist in reducing the credit risk and facilitate fair lending policy.
  • Spread awareness and knowledge and deepen credit culture in the society.
  • Prepare and publish specialized financial and economic studies and reports.