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  • When was Qatar credit bureau established?
    It was established by the decision of the Board of Directors of Qatar Central Bank (No.5) of the year 2008, issued on 29/6/2008, and it went live on 21/3/2011.
  • What are the objectives of Qatar credit bureau?
    1- Create a centralized credit database to provide the necessary credit information that helps in making right credit decisions and setting sound economic and financial policies.
    2- Collect and analyze credit information from its various sources.
    3- Exchange credit information with credit facility providers to assist them in making sound credit decisions.
    4- Contribute to more effective banking supervision and set up credit policies that assist in reducing the credit risk and facilitate fair lending policy.
    5- Spread awareness and knowledge and deepen credit culture in the society.
    6- Prepare and publish specialized financial and economic studies and reports.
  • What is meant by the term 'member'?
    A member is any natural juridical person (government body, company, institution, etc.) that conducts credit transactions and has contractually agreed to share credit information with Qatar credit bureau.
  • What types of organizations can become members of Qatar Credit Bureau?
    Credit donors or supervisory bodies and Government institutions for controlling purposes
  • Does CB interfere in the decisions of its members?
    No. CB mission is to provide credit information to banks and finance companies and it does not involve in the decision of the credit donors to grant or refuse credit facilities to customers.
  • How does CB obtain credit information?
    Donor institutions for credit as banks or financial institutions.
    Telecom providers, insurance companies, utilities and other service providers.
  • How does CB ensure the confidentiality of the credit information in its database?
    Qatar Credit Bureau ensures the protection of customers' information stored in its database from misuse or unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, and that is guaranteed by implementing systems and put procedures in place.
  • Can individuals request their own credit reports from Qatar Credit Bureau?
    Yes, individuals can visit Qatar Credit Bureau Customer Service and present his/ her ID or passport to the staff and get his/ her credit report.
  • is there a fee for requesting a credit report?
    - Yes, the fee for individual credit report is (140) QR and the fee for requesting a cheque credit report is (35) QR.
  • - The fee for commercial credit report is (350) QR and the free for requesting a cheque credit report is (65) QR. 
  • - All fees should be paid through a credit or debit card.
  • Are members entitled to inquire about my credit report without my consent?
    No, members cannot query the client's credit report without prior consent from his side.
  • What is a credit report?
    Credit Report is issued by Qatar Credit Bureau to individuals and member institutions of Qatar Credit Bureau upon their request. The report shows the credit information of customer who obtained credit facilities from any facility providers during a specified period of time, and also contains a summary of the credit position of the customer.
    This report shall be issued at the request of facility providers to identify all the credit information of customers applying for credit facilities which enable them to make better credit decisions, determine the subject's creditworthiness based on the credit history of the customer, and analyze the subject's credit behavior.
  • How Important is the Credit Report?
    The function of granting credit is one of the most crucial functions practiced by the banks and financial institutions, and the credit process is characterized of being always accompanied by risks that are difficult to fully predict. Therefore, the credit facility providers thoroughly study the credit positions of their customers in order to measure the level of credit risk they may encounter if decided to grant the credit facilities requested. Credit Report similarly contributes in supporting funding decisions and the granting of credit with banks. Moreover, it is a tool to implement and achieve objectives of the regulatory authorities in reducing the credit risk, supporting the financial positions of the banks, helping develop and improve the level of transparency and disclosure by banks. From other perspective, the credit facility providers want to ensure the recoverability of the funds they have lent to customers and ensure that the customers meet their financial obligations on time. Furthermore, banks want to know how the customers manage the facilities and the amount of loans they have obtained in order to evaluate the creditworthiness of applicants for credit facilities.
  • What is meant by 'negative information?
    The term “Negative Information" refers to late payments, bankruptcy and bouncing checks.
  • What is the role of the member towards his customer?
    The Member must adhere to update customer's information periodically and not to send wrong information about his data that may affect his financial position negatively.
  • Do I have the right to object and file a complaint to any information I do not approve of that is listed in my credit report?
    Yes, the customer is entitled to file a complaint if there is false information listed in his/ her credit report that he/ she disapprove of.
  • How many days does it take to respond to a complaint?
    Response to a complaint will be done within five working days.