CEO Message

​Since its establishment on March 21, 2011, Qatar Credit Bureau has been committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information. Thereby ensuring quality and efficiency throughout the collection and analysis of credit information. This pursuit aims to facilitate clear credit decisions and mitigate credit risks.

In alignment with the strategy of Qatar Central Bank, and upholding professional conduct and ethical standards, the Bureau is dedicated to meeting its responsibilities to both members and clients. This commitment is evident in the concentrated efforts of all Bureau members with each contributing their diverse expertise.

In line with the implementation of Qatar's National Vision 2030, which supports economic growth and digital transformation, Qatar Credit Bureau employs high-standard electronic systems, particularly in security and protection. This is supported by a global level of technological infrastructure and smart systems capable of safeguarding all beneficiaries.

Digital transformation stands as a fundamental cornerstone for Qatar Credit Bureau. The Bureau aims to provide all individual and corporate services electronically, reducing reliance on traditional methods. This is achieved through service delivery via the website and mobile application. In addition to being present on various social media platforms to ensure improved accessibility.

Qatar Credit Bureau aims to expand its services across diverse economic sectors, relying on global best practices and the optimal utilization of cutting-edge technology. This enables the provision of innovative products and services for both current and future beneficiaries.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the achievements of the past years are by the grace of Allah as a result of the wise guidance of Qatar Central Bank's Board of Directors, and the concerted efforts of Qatar Credit Bureau's members who are essential partners, and are considered a key element in achieving the Bureau's aspirations.


Maryam bint Khalifa Al Thani​