Speech of His Excellency the Governor


Since its establishment, Qatar Credit Bureau has been committed to establishing an effective and secure credit system that adheres to international standards. Utilizing cutting-edge technology for gathering and securely storing credit information, the Bureau issues reports that aid in formulating sound credit policies, making informed credit decisions, and managing credit risks. This contribution significantly supports the national economy by fostering financial stability and transparency within the banking and financial sectors.

The Bureau remains steadfast in providing credit information, an integral part of the banking sector's strategy.Efficiently exchanging information with banks and financial institutions has greatly enhanced performance, especially following the successful integration of the Bureau with all financial entities.

The accuracy of credit information provided by the Bureau has facilitated appropriate decision-making in granting credit based on client assessments. It involves understanding their credit history and current liabilities, benefiting these entities across various business domains.

In pursuit of continued leadership, dissemination of credit culture, and enhancement of credit safety, the Bureau will persist in its endeavor to achieve compliance and growth. This will be accomplished through a set of pillars founded on robust principles and best practices in credit information collection and analysis systems. These initiatives are aimed at ensuring the efficiency and safety of the state's financial and banking system, positively impacting the national economy.​

H.E. Sheikh Bandar bin Mohammed bin Saoud Al-Thani