Commercial Credit Report Service

​​​​​​​Credit Information Report is issued by Qatar Credit Bureau to corporations and member institutions of Qatar Credit Bureau upon their request. The report shows the credit information of a customer who obtained credit facilities from any facility providers during a specified period of time, and also contains a summary of the credit position of the company. This report shall be issued at the request of facility providers to identify all the credit information of customers applying for credit facilities which enable them to make better credit decisions, determine the subject’s creditworthiness based on the credit history of the company, and analyze the subject’s credit behavior. ​

A commercial cr​​​​edit report contains the following information:

  1. Firmographic details (​such as: commercial register, name of the company​​​​)​.
  2. Commercial register details. 
  3. Business activity details. 
  4. Contact details. 
  5. Branch details. ​​​
  6. Address details. 
  7. History information of reports pulled out by the member institutions on the subject during last 12 months. 
  8. History of information of inquires done by subjects themselves in Qatar Credit Bureau during last 12 months. 
  9. Relationship details. 
  10. Summary of open credit facilities. 
  11. Summary of closed credit facilities. 
  12. Credit facility history during last 24 months. 
  13. Dishonored cheque details. ​
  14. Security details.​​
How to obtain a credit report:

Customers, whether Consumer ​or companies, can obtain their credit reports through the following:

  1. Qatar Credit Bureau Mobile Application.
  2. Qatar Credit Bureau website.
  3. By visiting customer service center at Qatar Credit Bureau.